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Photos will be delivered via Google Drive (or your preferred method) within 24hrs.

How Do I Transfer Files from Google Drive to My Computer by Directly Downloading?

Downloading a folder is easy to do, and is the same process whether you're using a PC or Mac computer. 

1. Open up Google Drive on your computer and sign into your Google account.  

2. Scroll to the Folders section and find the folder you want to download.

3. Right-click on the folder, then select "Download" towards the bottom. 


Select Download in the right-click menu. 

The download will begin immediately after you click "Download" — there is no confirmation step — so be sure you really want the folder on your computer before right clicking on it. 

The folder will also remain in Google Drive after you download it. 


  • If you have set a default location to save downloaded files from web, you can find the file you download there; if not, you may be asked to decide where to store the downloading file.

  • Folders downloaded from Dropbox to PC or Mac that are too large are compressed files. To view its contents, you need to decompress it. You can not download files in a .zip folder to anywhere other than a new folder in your PC or Mac, so make sure to copy them from the .zip folder to another location on your computer.

Please contact me at any time for help with file management or re-edits and re-shoots, I am here to help.

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